It’s been a while since i worte the last post here. Many subjects should have been discussed and others updated but several things, one of them being the Twitter time sink, prevented more frequent updates on the blog.

The second thing that happened is that i am moving the blog. The new one will no longer be just a blog but a NeuroImmunology Club instead. A place where not only posts are written but where neuroimunology discussion happens. The new site contains all previous posts and comments and is located at . Two additional features have been added to the blog:

  1. Forums for discussion
  2. RSS feed (Paper Club) to share the papers that i find most interesting for the NeuroImmunology Club. Every week a summary post with the papers added to the feed will be published. So far i am the only one adding papers to the feed but if anybody else wants to participate i’ll be glad to add another RSS feed and create a bundle of neuroimmunology papers.

This site will still be available but won’t be updated anymore so, if you want to keep updated in NeuroImmunology, please change your feed to